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Teach about the 2024 Crisis in Haiti

Updated: Mar 31

The crisis escalated in March 2024, when acting President Ariel Henri was in Kenya negotiating a UN-approved, Kenyan-led Multinational Security Support mission (MSS). In his absence, gangs frees thousands in prison and tightened their control of the capital. Ariel has since been forced to resign and the MSS mission in on hold.

A Global Classroom has developed two lessons to help students understand the current crisis, and debate possible solutions.

"The 2024 Crisis in Haiti" focuses on the political turmoil, gang violence, and humanitarian needs facing the nation. It engages students in various learning activities (source analysis, discussion, and collaborative research) and allows them to understand the situation, its causes, and potential solutions.

"Responding to the 2023- 2024 Crisis in Haiti"revolves around a role playing scenario focusing on the 2024 humanitarian crisis in Haiti and the proposed deployment of a Kenyan-led Multinational Security Support Mission.

ission (MSS)

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