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Welcome to a Global Classroom

Do you find that too many lesson plans and curricula have clearly not been created by teachers? That they are not based on recent data? That they do not build social studies knowledge and skills? Are you overwhelmed (or irritated) by the constantly changing lingo?

Busy social studies teachers do not need more generic questions, nor ideas and suggestions for lesson ideas that we have already thought of ourselves. Nor do we need simple links to readings and videos.

We need ready-made, student-friendly study guides with comprehension and reflection questions on authentic readings, podcasts and videos. We need sources that contain the most recent data. We need learning activities, role plays and student tasks that challenge and engage while teaching social studies content, skills and perspectives.

I started "A Global Classroom" to do just this. As an experienced social studies teacher, with over 20 years experience, I am excited to create and share lessons on current events that enable our students to deepen their knowledge of our world while developing their writing and critical thinking skills.

I hope you find the lessons useful. Please follow me on this blog as I will keep you posted on what type of lessons I am working on.

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