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Role Play: Responding to the 2024 Crisis in Haiti

Role Play: Responding to the 2024 Crisis in Haiti


This lesson plan revolves around a role playing scenario focusing on the 2024 humanitarian crisis in Haiti and the proposed deployment of a Kenyan-led Multinational Security Support Mission. The role play includes 20 distinct roles, including state and nonstate actors like acting Haitian Prime Minister Ariel Henry and UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, as well as human rights advocates and scholars.


It provides an interactive and engaging way for students to explore real-world issues, understand multiple perspectives, and analyze the complexities of humanitarian crises and international interventions.


First, students will familiarize themselves with the situation through a reading.


Then, they will be assigned their unique roles and will use the links provided as starting points for researching the perspectives of their character.


During the role play, students will address questions regarding the situation in Haiti, its root causes, proposed solutions, and the international community's response. They will engage in dialogue with each other, expressing their characters' viewpoints and advocating for their positions.


After the role play, students will reflect on what they learned, discuss new perspectives encountered during the activity, and consider how this case study helps us to better understanding the dilemmas of intervention, and the concepts of legitimacy and state fragility.

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