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Dear busy social studies teachers,

Do you find that that too many lesson plans have clearly not been created by teachers? That they are not based on recent data? That they do not build social studies knowledge and skills? Are you overwhelmed by the constantly changing lingo?


Busy social studies teachers do not need more generic questions or links to sources. Nor do we need ideas and suggestions for lesson ideas that we have already thought of ourselves.

We need no-prep, student-friendly, standards-aligned lessons that engage students in learning activities focused on social studies content, critical thinking and writing skills


A Global Classroom lightens the load of busy social studies teachers by building lessons that:  


  • introduce students to various perspectives on global issues

  • are creative, engaging and make use of a variety of activities and teaching strategies

  • are based on authentic sources (readings, podcasts, videos, maps, graphics, etc) and include comprehension and reflection questions

  • include interactive presentations and Nearpods

  • are constantly updated to include the latest data

  • are scaffolded and build up to a culminating task

  • include a student-friendly, editable, study guide in a google doc format

  • are standards-aligned (Common Core, C3 Framework for Social Studies, IBDP Global Politics)

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