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2024 Crisis in Haiti

2024 Crisis in Haiti


This lesson explores the current crisis in Haiti, focusing on the political turmoil, gang violence, and humanitarian needs facing the nation. Students will engage in various learning activities to understand the situation, its causes, and potential solutions. Through source analysis, discussion, and collaborative research, students will develop a comprehensive understanding of Haiti's challenges and their implications. 


Learning activities include: 


  • Warm Up: Students will take a New York Times quiz to assess their existing knowledge of Haiti.

  • Source-Based Discussion: Students will read an article from The New Humanitarian and watch a video clip regarding Haiti's crisis. Guided discussion questions will prompt students to analyze the sources, identify key themes, and discuss their emotional responses.

  • Jigsaw: Students will select and explore different sources related to Haiti's crisis, such as articles, videos, or podcasts. After individual exploration, students will form groups and share their findings, collaboratively completing a table to summarize key information from each source. 

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