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Kenya: 2024 Crisis of Legitimacy

Kenya: 2024 Crisis of Legitimacy


This lesson delves into the June 2024 protests in Kenya, focusing on the socio-political dynamics and economic factors that led to a significant crisis of legitimacy.


Learning activities include:


1. Warm Up: Students will begin by taking a quiz to assess their prior knowledge about Kenya and the June 2024 protests. This activity serves to engage students and provide a baseline understanding of the topic.


2. Video: "Kenyans fought a deadly fight against their government. Here’s how they won": Students will watch a video on the protests, reflect on and discuss their observations and emotions.


3. Reading: “Behind the Deadly Unrest in Kenya, a Staggering and Painful National Debt”: Students will read an article about the economic factors behind the protests and answer a series of questions to deepen their understanding. This activity aims to enhance comprehension and critical thinking about the global debt crisis faced by many so-called developing countries.


4. Jigsaw: Examining the 2024 Crisis of Legitimacy in Kenya: Students deepen their understanding of the root causes of the crisis by exploring different sources (articles, videos, podcasts) and by sharing their findings in groups.


5. Define and Apply on the Concept of Legitimacy: Students will define the concept of legitimacy and apply it to the case of Kenya. This activity fosters analytical skills and the ability to connect theoretical concepts with real-world events. It is based on the type of question that appears on paper 1 of the IBDP Global Politics exam.

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