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NGO Response to Trump's Family Separation Policy

NGO Response to Trump's Family Separation Policy


This lesson explores the impact and response to the Trump administration's 2018 “Zero-Tolerance” (family separation) policy, focusing on the role of civil society in advocating for human rights and providing aid. Through an interactive presentation, videos, a reading, and case studies, students will gain a comprehensive understanding of the policy, its human consequences, and the efforts of NGOs like RAICES and the ACLU to mitigate its effects.


Learning activities include:


Nearpod or Canva Presentation: The presentation provides background information on Trump’s family separation policy and the response to it.


Reading: “When Will the US End Magdalena Hernández’s Family Separation Nightmare?”: Students will read a personal story of an immigrant mother whose two daughters were taken away from her by the US goverment.


Case Studies - Civil Society Response to Trump’s Family Separation Policy: Students will read an explainer and case studies on the responses taken by two NGOs (RAICES and the ACLU) to Trump’s Family Separation Policy.


Final Reflection: Students will reflect on the case studies and the lesson as a whole by answering questions about the power of civil society to protect human rights.

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