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Human Rights NGOs

Human Rights NGOs


This lesson introduces students to the concept of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and their significant role in human rights activism. Through discussions, readings, and case studies, students will explore the various functions of NGOs, understand their impact, and critically assess their contributions and challenges.


Learning activities include:


1. Warm Up: Students will reflect on their prior knowledge and experiences with NGOs.


2. Reading - “Human Rights Activism and the Role of NGOs”: Students will read about the role that human rights NGOs can play in protecting and advancing human rights. They will answer questions to check for comprehension. 


3. Case Studies - Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch: Students will read about and watch videos about the missions, work and accomplishments of these two significant international human rights organizations.


4. NYC-based NGOs: Students will research a NYC-based human rights NGO.

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