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Genocide 101

Genocide 101


This lesson aims to deepen students' understanding of genocide by exploring its definition, historical contexts, legal implications, and contributing factors. Students will engage with various resources, including text excerpts, videos, and expert interviews, to critically analyze the phenomenon of genocide and its impact on societies. Learning activities include:


  • Warm-Up: Teacher will lead students through an interactive Nearpod or Canva presentation which covers the definition of genocide, the Genocide Convention, a timeline of modern genocides, and populations currently at risk.


  • Explainer: Students will read an excerpt on genocide, its definition, and its historical context. Then they will respond to questions.


  • Source Analysis: Students will read the “Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide” and answer questions related to its content and implications.


  • Video Interviews with Experts on Genocide: Students will watch video clips on the role of state and nonstate actors in genocide, the difference between ethnic cleansing and genocide, and on the factors contributing to genocide.
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