21st Century Literacies for World Languages

Banner that says "21st Century Literacies in World Language Classroom". Icon on banner shows different colored hands holding a variety of devices such as iPads, computers, and cameras. Each device has the logo for the world-readiness standards. Devices are connected by blue dotted lines.

Every other year our department hosts a community event to showcase how learning a second language helps students develop their literacy skills. At this Literacy Showcase, students, parents, and community members can browse trifold boards (much like a science fair) and participate in interactive displays that share how different teachers across…

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Judge a Book by Its Cover, Part 2

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Welcome back, everyone! So glad to see you made it back to my blog. When we left off last time, I was introducing you to a lesson I taught with my students on one of my favorite stories for novice learners, La sorpresa de Nandi. Prior to reading the story,…

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